200-3 Deluxe Set


  • Color cup and one-piece jar adaptor taper-fit for quick color change.
  • Self lubricating needle bearing enables continuous proper
  • paint flow and prevents needle wear. Single needle / Tip design
  • Head seal assures efficient air flow.
  • Non-slip, one-piece trigger.
  • Regulate the pre-set amount of color by turning a needle adjustment
  • screw at the back of the air brush handle. Once the desired paint flow is set the air brush will maintain the preset spray until the user chooses to change it.
  • The 200 NH will spray a pencil line to 2" spray pattern.
  • 200-3 Set contains 200 NH airbrush with general purpose nozzle / needle and attachable jar, protective cap, vinyl air hose, Propel' regulator, Propel' can, additional jar with cover, wrench for head, and instruction manual in a corrugated box.
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